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I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful evening for all of us. I started dancing in 2012 and Boogie Woogie Ballroom was one of the first places I visited. You were warm and welcoming and part of the reason I am still dancing.

Thank you Cheryl, We really enjoyed the dance reunion. Thank you for making this 2nd reunion possible. Appreciate all your hard work.

I know it’s a lot of work to do an event like this, but it was a very special evening.

You have added so much to our lives. Thank you.

Hi Cheryl – great party yesterday! Thanks for organizing this.

Sorry I missed your party, it was my intention to go and then life got in the way. I heard it was a beautiful event with wonderful performances and very well put together. Congratulations to you and all your hard work!

What a terrific event! (We) had a wonderful time. You did a fabulous job of organizing and created such a fun evening. We especially enjoyed seeing so many other dancers that we hadn't seen for such a long time.

Congratulations on another successful BWB reunion - to me it’s like a family reunion! I enjoy seeing all the old BWB regulars! Thanks for putting this on for all of us!

Loved the party! Thx so much Cheryl!

Thank you Cheryl, We really enjoyed the dance reunion. Thank you for making this 2nd reunion possible. Appreciate all your hard work.
So glad to hear your venue was successful. I had planned to participate but some medical issues appeared so wasn’t able to attend, Looking forward to future events, thx for all your hard work
Thank you everyone for the great evening, full of dancing, laughs and fun
Great job on the dance Cheryl, everyone sure seems to have fun.
Happy holidays!
Thank you for all the great dances throughout the years.
Wishing you the best in 2020!


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We had a fantastic time last night in Foster City teaching for all of you as well as performing for you all. Everyone there was so incredibly supportive and gracious. It was a blast seeing everyone again after not having seen you all in some time. Thank you again to Cheryl Steeper for having us out and keeping West Coast Swing alive in Foster City and to all of you who made the evening an incredible success. Looking forward to doing it again soon. Until our next dance everyone!!!, keep it on the dance floor. Cheers. Luis Crespo, 4-12-14

I've had such a wonderful time at the BWB! Dancing & laughing and dancing some more. I want you to know that you and the BWB have given me so much more; friendship, community and joy! So much joy! Thank you!

Thank you for all you did for our dancing feet. We'll have some wonderful memories!

It has been a very nice experience working with you. Knowing your office is always open and to be part of the great purple atmosphere at Boogie Woogie Ballroom. You are a warm and very generous person and I feel that I have been enriched by working with you with many opportunities to perform and grow as a teacher. Thank you!

You have added so much to our lives. Thank you.

The years of memories of you and Boogie Woogie Ballrrom has transformed my life in such a wonderful way. Your venues brought new friends, hope & joy to all of us. Thank you for your hard work & sacrifice.

Thank you so much for your love and passion, and for creating the BWB. It was a joy to have been a part of it. I look forward to seeing the next chapter of your dance-filled life! Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for the great opportunity for teaching at BWB. Looking forward to Boogie Woogie 2.0 soon!

So very sorry to hear that you had to make this decision (closing the studio). Seems so unfair that you have to do this after all the time, effort and money you put into our beloved ballroom. I haven't really been to too many ballrooms in the bay area, but BWB was certainly the best - most of all because of you!

I'm also sorry I haven't been dancing as much in the last couple of months. If I had known that these would be the last few months of BWB, I would probably have not signed up for a half marathon back in August. Long runs on Saturday have prevented me from dancing on Friday and some Saturday nights even. The race is on the 11th and then I can enjoy the last couple weeks at BWB. Thankfully I have been able to do Tuesday WCS and Wednesday classes with Eldon - both are fabulous!

Thanks so much for everything you have done for all of us!

I'm really sad to hear Boogie Woogie will be permanently closing! I've really enjoyed coming to your dance studio at both Burlingame and Foster City as they were great locations since I didn't have far to travel for great dance teachers and dance parties! I only wish my work schedule would've allowed me to come more regularly. Please do keep me on your distribution list in the event you ever do open up a new ballroom studio in the future.

I am so very sorry to hear the news (closing studio). You created a great studio and a great place to dance. Actually, your dance is the only one I've gone to except a few WCS parties. I'll have to find a new place to dance. I can't thank you enough for all the learning and fun I've had at Boogie Woogie.
It is very sad news indeed that the ballroom will be closing. You created such a beautiful dance space, thought of every amenity that a dancer would need, and put in so much hard work to get the ballroom rolling. The circumstances that caused this sound so unfair to me. I was very impressed with the quality of the Boogie Woogie Ballroom from the start. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors-perhaps a phoenix will rise from the ashes of this ballroom.
I hope you will reconsider (closing the studio). You ran a great operation. Will keep praying for a miracle.

I must thank you and your team of instructors for a truly wonderful experience (FBO-For Beginners Only). As you might remember, my husband was initially quite uncomfortable about the idea of "dance lessons " but was bound by a surprise birthday request from "the wife". By the end of the first class, he surprised me by making complete 180, saying he actually enjoyed himself very much and even looked forward to the rest of the lessons. He ended up reminding me each week that it was lesson time and even told his boss he could not work overtime because he had dance class! I believe this was only possible because of the patient professionalism of your instructors and the welcoming/supportive culture you have created and instill in all who come to dance at your studio. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful gift of a husband who now likes to dance.

Here's my check for a series of five classes. Thanks to Nga for trusting that I would send it right away. Thanks for having such a wonderful dance place as BWB.

We just love your "flyers" as they really make us want to dance at BWB. We will be at this Friday's Dance Party with another couple. See you then!

The place and the people are fantastic.

I am in David and Nancy's Argentine Tango basic class and they are great instructors: knowledgeable, experienced, really good at teaching dance, warm, engaging, and fun. If the class is small, it turns into an hour of mini-private lessons -- just an awesome experience.

This is the best Bay Area ballroom: large, clean, plenty of practice rooms, lots of mirrors, new floor (new everything, I think), good lighting, great acoustics in both the main room and the practice room -- have I mentioned the bathrooms? The men's bathroom (and I assume the women's) could be in Financial District office tower. It is that clean and new.

Well, I'm sure it will be discovered eventually and then I'll regret having written this when the place is all full of people all the time.

Just finished a 4 week series on night club two-step with Eldon and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an intermediate class and just the right level of complexity in the pattern for intermediate. If you are ready to go beyond the basics take Eldon's class series -- I can't wait to start the next series and we are excited to try out the new patterns from the series we just learned with Eldon!

We thought Cheryl (McBride at April Zydeco Dance) was an excellent instructor; please let her know (and bring her back)!

Thank You, Cheryl!

You have great instructors, great group series, great prices, small classes, & centrally located with lots of parking.

I'm sure people will make your place as THE DESTINATION for DANCING!

Good luck & everything can only get better for you! You deserve that, & more for all of your hard work resulting in great programs in a beautifully air conditioned ballroom with excellent flooring. You have done everything tastefully down to the most minute detail.

Nice, shiny new dance floor!

Luis Crespo is such a great, funny, helpful instructor. He is the only group instructor I've encountered who regularly demonstrates how followers can style their free, left arms and how followers can create windows of opportunity to play (i.e., "hijack"). Ha ha ha, how the leaders start asking questions and protesting when they must temporarily give up the lead! Luis emphasizes connection and styling, as opposed to patterns. It is a great class to work on your basics (i.e., so many whip variations with turns!) and posture. He teaches at Boogie Woogie Ballroom on Tuesday nights. Oh, and he is a current West Coast Swing champion. Class has been short on followers, which I can't understand why given Luis is so handsome (unfortunately, ladies, he is happily taken). Anyway, followers, go to class! Class is lacking in leaders who are west coast swing specialists (only one or two in class), so it would be nice if you guys would show up too.

Took various classes with James. Being a nine-times champion he is well versed in the material and technique and generous in sharing them with the students. He is sharp in spotting what my problems are and patient and insisting in correcting them at my level. I come away with improvement every time. He and his partner Melody make a perfect couple for teaching.

I first heard of this place when I saw an ad for it at Boogie by the Bay (I know, I live under a rock).  It's a nice space:  the floor (and bathrooms!) are immaculate; one large central floor, with adjacent rooms for private lesson or practice, and comfortable leather seats along the side, for the wallflowers among us.  There's always some snacks in the kitchen.  And there aren't any bars nearby, so there's no pressure to drink alcohol.

Anyway, so I came down to take a lesson, and one lesson became ten lessons...!   I echo Ana's sentiments.  Luis is a fantastic dance teacher who is passionate about teaching.  His approach emphasizes a lot on the details: styling, posture, and connection.  After class, he enthusiastically spends time to work with students on any problems they might have.  His classes run Tuesdays from 7:30-9:30pm, which is great for folks getting off from a long day at work.  Honestly, I'm surprised he doesn't have a larger following.

Luis, I just want to say thank you for the group lesson. I had great time and must say that I truly enjoyed my self and the atmosphere of the Boogie Woogie studio. Looking forward to more lessons.

Boogie Woogie Ballroom is such a new, pretty facility, rectangular in size. Main ballroom is in the center with entrances to 2 small practice rooms along one length of the room and another practice room along the other length. Mirrored wall with DJ booth is along one width. Kitchen, a 4th practice room, coat room, and bathrooms & shower facility are along the other width. Black leather bench seating; a lounge area with bar tables and stools; kitchen with fridge, microwave, water dispenser, and peppermint candies.

You can purchase a Yelp $50 gift certificate for $30 and apply it to private lessons, a $150 BWB 10-Class Card, or a $90 BWB 10-Dance Card, which can be shared by 2 people good for 3 months.

You can rent floor space at $10 per hour for 2 people and $15 per hour for 3 or more people. Each of the 4 practice rooms is equipped with a music docking station and mirror.

I love Luis Crespo. Such a great, funny, helpful instructor. He is the only group instructor I've encountered who demonstrates how followers can style their free, left arms. He emphasizes connection and styling, as opposed to patterns. It is a great class to work on your basics (i.e., whip variations) and posture. Thank you so much! He has inspired me to try WCS dancing again. He teaches at Boogie Woogie Ballroom on Tuesday nights. Oh, and he is a current West Coast Swing champion.

Some driving tips on getting there:
If you are traveling N on Foster City Blvd (i.e., after making a left from E Hillsdale Blvd OR after making a U-turn on Foster City Blvd at the intersection with E Hillsdale Blvd), turn right into the driveway of an office building plaza when you see IHOP just in front of you.

If you are exiting Foster City Blvd from Route 92E, stay in the left 2 lanes off the exit, so you can turn left to head towards Foster City Blvd. When you hit the intersection with Foster City Blvd and it's a green light (otherwise, I'd probably take a right on Foster City Blvd and make the U-turn suggested above), you can drive straight onto Triton Drive towards McDonalds and Carl's Jr restaurants. Right before Carl's Jr, there is a driveway on your righthand side that leads straight to the front entrance of Boogie Woogie Ballroom.

I have dropped into this beautiful ballroom a number of times...cheryl..the owner is very nice and professional...staff is very cordial and nice...very beautiful ballroom with beautiful floor ...when you dance ..your feet will just slide without ..private studio rooms...very excited to see this new studio grow as i see this studio as having great potential..very nice..and very good dancers...

West Coast Swing classes with Luis are awesome.  Refreshing, contemporary styling.  Luis is a great teacher.

Salsa Rueda is a group salsa dance -very very fun.  Lessons are awesome

Took various classes with James. Being a nine-times champion he is well versed in the material and technique and generous in sharing them with the students. He is sharp in spotting what my problems are and patient and insisting in correcting them at my level. I come away with improvement every time. He and his partner Melody make a perfect couple for teaching.

My husband and I enjoyed the dances in Burlingame, but the new facility in Foster City is so convenient to get to and much closer to us.  It has such a beautiful main ballroom.  It's nice to dance in an air conditioned facility, especially when it is warm out.  The lessons are very well run by the instructors, and we have had the opportunity to begin to learn a number of dances in which we did not previously have any experience.

You probably already know this, by now, but I absolutely love BWB! I am so grateful to your livingsocial promo that got us back to dancing.

Just wanted to let everyone know what an amazing dance instructor Melanie is. Besides being a super dancer herself she is warm, friendly and has great teaching skills. In addition, she is very encouraging and supportive. I am taking the FBO classes and enjoying every moment!

Boogie Woogie Ballroom is probably the most attractive dance studio in the Bay Area with attractive colors in an art deco style.

The dance floor is excellent with built-in cushion that makes it easy to dance on for an extended evening of dance.

The staff is very friendly and makes one feel comfortable to be there (which is often not true with many of the other Bay Area studios).

The availability of the private "mini-studios" is a plus for more serious dancers who want extra practice and instruction.

Perfect studio for both the social and competitive dancer!

Melanie is an awesome dance instructor. Took bachata class...3 easy lessons--enough to get the basics and a good pattern and have fun on the dance floor! Dance floor is brand new and excellent. A lot of parking, and easy access in foster city. Highly recommend trying this out!

I took a For Beginners Only class (FBO). Teacher was great and teacher-student ratio is better than most other ballrooms. Nice, shiny new dance floor!

OMG, it (new studio) looks amazing!

Congratulations on 2 years!!!!!! You always give a good party!!!!

Congratulations on a spectactular performance on June 6, 2010 In San Mateo. All the best to you and Alan. Thank you for offering this first -class dance venue!

Thank you for putting on a wonderful Dance and all the nice decorations and extra food for Valentine's Day 2010!

The dance was wonderful and it was great to see everyone in the spirit of the "Red Dance". (Valentine's Day 2010)

Thank you again for putting on a terrific dance party (Valentine's Day 2010)! I always look forward to dancing on Sundays at the Boogie Woogie Dance Club!

You offered a "Frightfully Good Halloween Party" on October 24th. It was shockingly full of fun, complete with an exquisite performance by USA national dance champions, a Brazilian Samba show, plus costume contest and cake and ice cream. Thank you for the great music and for holding this special dance party.

Thank you again for the opportunity to perform for you and your guests, we had a blast and your guests seemed very entertained. I hope you have a great Halloween and a festive holiday season coming. Best Wishes!

It was a great night and well worth staying back a few minutes to help out. You did a great job organizing the event.

What a great dance evening we all had at the One Year Anniversary Party for the Boogie Woogie Ballroom. Beginners and more advanced dancers were treated to excellent lessons in Evening Two Step. There were also two wonderful dance presentations. For the rest of the time we all were able dance the evening away to heart warming tunes. Yes the Boogie Woogie Ballroom dance on Sundays evenings continues to be an exciting dance calendar event.

The Boogie Woogie Anniversary Party was fabulous. Lots of great dancing with a terrific variety of music plus mixers and line dancing. Also, we all enjoyed a magnificent performance from a professional dance couple plus were treated to a great buffet dinner. Cheryl Steeper has done an incredible job of organizing weekly Sunday dances in a warm, friendly environment.

Thanks again for providing such a great dance opportunity for ballroom dancers. The lessons are very good and the food is excellent.

You've done an unbelievable job. Great crowd. Thank you!

Congratulations, Cheryl! You did a great job of organization and promotion. It was really nice to see a successful new dance being born.

Thanks for organizing the enjoyable Opening. My friends and I plan to attend your future events.

We were impressed with the organization and attention to detail that you gave every aspect of your grand opening. Your orchestration resulted in a well-paced event with smooth transitions. It was clear that there were a lot of people really enjoying themselves.

It was fun!

Thank you for the dancing and food!

...the dance was good and I will tell some friends to go. I know it will be a hit.

I will be back dancing with you!

I keep spreading the word about you!

Thanks for running such a great dance on Sunday evenings.  I look forward to it very much each weekend.

You are doing a wonderful job on this new creation.

I have been telling everyone what a great dance you are providing.

Our group had a great time at your opening and this past Sunday.

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