Boogie Woogie Ballroom
Dance Etiquette

We follow a "line of dance." This is a counter-clockwise rotation around the room. If you are a beginner or slower dancer, you should dance toward the middle of the room  If you are a more advanced dancer or cover a lot of territory on the dance floor, you should dance on the perimeter of the room. Whatever you do, get out there and dance!!

We all share the floor equally. Try not to run into other folks! If you do accidentally bump into another couple, apologize and then, keep on dancin’!

If you are not dancing, please move away from the main floor. If you want to have a conversation with your friends, please move away from the dance floor. Your fellow dancers will appreciate the extra floor space and you won't get run over!

It is OK for women to ask men to dance! Don’t be shy; the men are scared enough for both of you.  And, vice versa for the men.

It is not OK to refuse an invitation to dance. Alternatively, make a date to dance the next song. At the very least, explain why you cannot dance. 

Always smile & say thank you to your partner!

Remember your breath mints!

Food & Beverage: We respect the wood floor! Liquid or food crumbs can be slippery, cause falls, and can ruin the special suede soles of dance shoes. Consequently, food and open cups are not allowed on the dance floor during our parties. Closed water bottles are OK!

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Dance Etiquette